Festivalito with Michelle and Joachim and official opening of De Danswerkplaats
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1 / 4 may 2014: Festivalito/ Intensive study weekend with Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker, two beautiful dancers from Basel! And official opening of De Danswerkplaats, my permanent dancehall with sprungfloor in Amersfoort.

A wonderful extra long weekend filled with intensive seminars, workshops and milonga's

Michelle and Joachim are two extra-ordinary dancers, based in Basel, Switserland. They visit the Netherlands for the first time and we are very proud we can host them in Amersfoort. Official website of Michelle and Joachim.

Thank you all for celebrating with me the opening of De Danswerkplaats. 500 Dancers from The Netherlands and abroad joined Michelle and Joachim and me this weekend. For me it was a great pleasure to be the host of this wonderfull couple and i'm absolutely looking forward to inviting them next year.

Pictures by Jacob Braaksma and me


Program 1/4 may 2014:

Intensive seminars/masterclasses (4 hours per day, totals 8 hours for every theme. Timing: 11.00-12.00 and 12.15-13.15, Lunch, 15.00-16.00 and 16.15-17.15):
May 1 and 2: Thematic Intensive Seminar: Colgada's (FULLY BOOKED detailed description below)
May 3 and 4: Musicality and Quality of Movement (NEARLY FULL detailed description below

Pre-milonga workshop for 'all' levels: 3 years and up or extremely talented (19.00 - 20.30)
May 1: Ocho Cortado: Variations and Adornos
May 2: Boleos in Close Embrace (FULL)
May 3: Elegant Ganchos for the Dance Floor
May 4: Giros and Sacadas

Milonga every night:
20.30 – 02.00 May 1st: DJ Stefan Wimmer (Nijmegen), May 2nd DJ Peter Corvo (Antwerpen), May 3rd DJ Yerpun (Amsterdam), May 4th DJ Andreas Gierstorfer (Berlin)
Entrance fee 7 euro on May 1, 3 and 4. Entrance fee is 10 euro on May 2nd with performance of Michelle and Joachim.

Afterparties: May 2nd and May 3rd from 02.00 until 07.00. Your Host: David. Entrance fee: 4 euro.

Intensive seminars/masterclasses:

1 and 2 may (FULLY BOOKED): (4 hours every day, totals 8 hours for each seminar): Thematic Intensive seminar Colgada's.
This seminar investigates Colgada's in breadth and depth. The seminar include: warm-up exercises, technique, basic figures with variations, more complex figures and combinations, timing, musicality, integration and improvisation. We will truly explore this theme in depth! Level: Advanced dancers and teachers.

3 and 4 may: (4 hours every day): Intensive seminar on Musicality and Quality of Movement
This seminar focuses on developing different qualities of movement so that dancers improve their expressivity and musicality.
Some potential goals of the seminar:
-Recognize different textures and types of sounds in the music (e.g. staccato, legato, syncope, arrastre, sharp, soft, hard, fast, slow, evoking emotions, etc.)
-Identify different instruments, phrases, musical structures
-Develop and expand different qualities of movement to better express the music
-Improve how to propose changes in the quality of movement
-Modify speed with acceleration, deceleration, suspension, pauses
Disclaimer Musicality seminar: Students will use their own material, elements, figures, sequences rather than learning new sequences or technical explanations. We will work on technique with respect to different qualities of movement, aesthetics and other relevant ideas, but will not teach new sequences or how to lead a boleo, giro, etc. Our hope is that we can empower each dancer to discover and expand his or her way of expressing the music, thus creating a richer and more varied spectrum of musical interpretation. These skills and qualities they can integrate and apply to all of their personal repertoire, taking their dancing to the next level of expression!
Level: Advanced dancers and teachers.

Information and registration:

You can only subscribe with a partner. Language of the workshops/intensives is English.
Intensive seminar: max 14 couples. Price per person for 1 intensive seminar (8 hours) € 180. If you and your partner choose to do both intensive seminars: € 320 per person. You have free access to the evening milonga's on the day's you have your seminar, there is enough fruit/water/coffee/tea and snacks during the breaks. But please bring your own lunch. There is also a lunch/dinner restaurant very close by.
Pre-milonga workshop: max 16 couples. Price per person per workshop (1,5 hour) € 20 p.p. Reduction on entrance to the milonga. Total for the evening: 25 euro p.p.

Registration not possible

Payment for the intensive is in advance, you will receive a confirmation of your subscription with all details. You can only participate in the seminar/masterclass if you dance for many years or teach tango and update your knowledge on a regular basis (workshops/seminars/lessons or intensive self-training). Payment of the pre-milonga workshops at the venue.

This intensive study/milonga weekend with Michelle and Joachim will be in my new studio "de Danswerkplaats' in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Details of this venue will follow ASAP. If you need a place to stay, Mercure Hotel Amersfoort is on walking distance. And low budget: Accomodation in youth hostel: website of Stayokay Soest or Camping Soest : website of camping Soest. Very close to De Danswerkplaats are several options for dinner/lunch.

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